Sunday, August 01, 2010

So, my first paper is being submitted this week. Well strictly speaking, it isn't really 'my' paper, I'm third author on the thing. Still! It's a first. And it feels momentous because of all the struggling, failure, uncertainty and doubt that one survived (somehow) to get to this point. So we are feeling quite blessed today. A trifle unworthy, and definitely blessed.

Being rather ambitious, we have decided to submit to the NPG (Nature Publishing Group). I have no idea if our work is worthy of such a journal, so I shall have to take the boss man's word for it - he says it is, so we give it a shot. To me, it seems comprehensive, a good piece of experimental physics. But I would say that!

Now to hold our breath, bite our lips and hope to god, it'll be accepted!


potatopeelings said...

we are from nature publishing group. please post something.

also please stop holding breath - too much holding breath leads to asphyxiation

wanderingbrook said...

Good luck! I'm glad you're writing again. (Don't make me say this one more time :-).)

Varali said...

Glad to see some activity here.
And wonderful news on the paper!

Unknown said...

Are you still sharing?