Thursday, April 07, 2005


This blogger has to take a month long , circumstances-imposed ,sabbatical.
Unfortunately , in this world of unpleasant, unfair, painful, and trying things that plague our existence , there is an added burden of having to spend periodic intervals in the first 21 years or so , of one's life , studying for and writing exams.

And since this blogger will be writing her last and final set of that offensive and burdensome (if that's not a word , I move to have it inducted in the dictionary.) exercise in order to receive an inane piece of paper that says nothing about her actual knowledge , mastery and skill level, a.k.a the university degree , she has decided that she will conquer her powerful urge to be lazy and indifferent and actually actually study hard for it. (Or the case maybe)

To everyone else , also engaged in similar pursuits of making as much good at the last minute can afford , I wish you the best of luck...If you are anything like this blogger , you will need all of it!!!

See you later , alligators!!!!

P.S: I have forced myself to write this post for two reasons. One, there are less chances of me lamenting over the fact that I have'nt written anything nice in a long time. Two, I stop myself from writing mediocre crap (because I'm too occupied to write something decent) and reassure myself that when I am more free, the writing will get better 'cos I will have time to think !!!