Friday, October 06, 2006


Life's shutters are down, locked shut for him. It is the sunset of his life. His face is etched with the hard lines of a life lived in resignation. But his eyes bewray all.

His gaze is intense,straight ahead, unafraid and yet so full of anguish. There is betrayal written all over his face. In that moment , the years of practice, making peace with his fate, swallowing desires, deserts him, he realises that he is indeed naked , that he has nothing, that he is the object of pity..

The click of the shutter is confirmation of his fear - that it is his stark nothingness that is the only reason he is the subject of another human's interest.

But then, I'm presuming... I don't know.. I want to ask..

Has he had much happiness?

Has he loved? Has he been loved?

Has he seen worse times?

Was his life spent trying to keep body and soul together??

Has he had better times?

Does he live in his past?

Does he feel forgotten? That life has passed him by?

Has he something to look forward to?

Does he still dream?

Then.. I look into his eyes and I think I know the answers..

Tears start to fall. .

P.S; A friend of mine with talent and an eye for interesting subjects took this picture.. The words are mine..

The artist and his response!

Dasan take a bow!

(You can check out some of his pictures at - It's really good stuff!! )
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