Tuesday, October 05, 2004

A Little Bit About Me

Most people that read my blog regularly know who I am, but just because I like the sound of it and 'cos I am amused by this slight veil of mystery, I still sign off as Mercury - a remnant of my geeky adolescence.

I like to think of myself as Alice in wonderland. Eternally curious, always interested in anything new. I'm fascinated by a million things - but Music, nothing stirs my soul like it does. I am quirky. My thoughts often run in circles. I like to think I have flashes of brilliance, when wonderful ideas flower like tulips in the Dutch spring but just as surely die because I haven't the sense to write them down. I am flaky and I fidget. I repeat myself. Occasionally, I show evidence of possessing a conscience. I am lazy. I need to get over it real soon. Some people find me funny. I like to think I am.

I have a huge ego. I can be contradictory. I love attention. Unfortunately, I'm very aware of it, so I end up feeling too sheepish and apologetic to really bask in it. I think I feel too strongly about everything. I can be opinionated. I find I am often right. I'm a teensy weensy bit of a snob. But I'm working on that. I want to be completely honest. I rarely manage it. I can be a complete and utter child. I sing at the top of my voice when I am alone. And sometimes when I'm not. Euphemistically put, I'm quite idiosyncratic.

I love poetry. I can't write it to save my life. But I'll never stop trying. My parents are among the most interesting people I know. I try too hard to impress people that probably don't matter. When I look back on my life, I'd like to have somehow made a contribution, however small, to the world . One day, I will write a book and start a school. For the most part, I bumble and stumble through my days. Yet somehow manage to get somewhere and that is in part why I believe in a God.

I love good food. Probably eat too much of it. One of my favourite feelings in the whole world is leaning back in my seat, with my eyes shut and feeling the plane take off. I love words. I find Gravity fascinating. Time-space, lorentz equations, twin paradox - the whole nine-yards. I talk too much. Nothing excites and boggles my mind quite like beholding Symmetry.

Sometimes I wake up in the morning thinking about a perfectly constructed sentence. I often wish I had studied language. But I'm glad I studied Science. I fantasize about being a writer. I haven't the balls to try. All in all, I'm just your average Joe who still, for reasons quite beyond the realm of probability, will cling to the belief that someday she's going to do something special.