Thursday, April 27, 2006

Ladies And Gentlemen, A Guy Friend Of Mine...

The following is a chat on google talk.. It reflects how different men can be from women in the way that they think about some things I suppose... I've always had more male friends than female so I've come to accept these differences and just laugh at them but sometimes it actually strikes me that no matter how much of a tomboy i was, I've become a woman who now has far less tolerance to male idiosyncracies. I find a lot of things that I used to just accept at face value , as downright stupid.. That's not to say, I think men are stupid.. No siree, The following conversation was with the most intelligent person i know... And probably one of the most intelligent people i'll ever know.. And yet sometimes , I want to smack him on the head and ask him to be less of a dick!!!

So here goes..

Sneha: busy?? I just thought i'd say hello, it's been awhile..

Friend: no

Sneha: then why on earth does it say you are busy?

Friend: because i don't bother changin my status .. And it stops most idiots from chumma messageing me

Sneha: lol... ok

Friend: what are you upto?

Sneha:i'm writing something..

Friend: writing?

Sneha: ummm.. well trying to atleast

Friend: why..and more importantly what?

Sneha: for the blog.. and what.. well not sure yet..have you got your phone fixed?

Friend: my cell you mean?

Sneha: yup

Friend: no

Sneha: idiot.. get it fixed please.. It's very painful not to be able to get through to you if i want to..

Friend: i find life better without the cellphone

Sneha: i can imagine!!

Friend: most of my college mates are irritating me

Friend: they are always organising bloody get-togethers..last year crap
why can't people just leave me alone... i can't stand human beings

Sneha: hello!!!!!!!!!!! you are talking to one!!! Do you even realise...

Friend: i am sorry, but i mean in general..

Sneha: and if you dare say , i don't consider you one di,... i'll kill you

Friend: no..its not like that.. I don't mean you..ok.. maybe the human beings remark was slightly over the top..

Sneha: yeah... SLIGHTLY

Friend: but in general.. i can't bear with this obsessive need that people have for other people
Sneha: lol.. ayyo!! What are you going to do when you get married and have little Friends running around the place

Friend: yeah.. well if the kids are like me , it would be alright.. and good for humanity

Sneha: Ok, first, whoever said kids are like the parents.. And second , wow.. you aren’t contesting the you with a wife and kids imagery!!

Friend: Btw, did that happen in your last year at that place you were studying before

Sneha: (and he ignores my previous statement) No man, thank god.

Friend: good for you

Sneha: Actually, it was more like I just didn't go to any of that crap. I only went for the official farewell which we left in half an hour and went to bike and barrel.

Friend: yeah.. Isn’t it kinda boring..

Sneha: yeah kinda

Friend: i find it not only extremely inane, but also very irritating..i can't stand my college mates.. They are just so dumb...sometimes i sincerely feel that the world would be a better place without those irritating bastards

Sneha: J Isn’t that being a little harsh. I mean, I know what it's like to be surrounded by people who you think are just too stupid for words but to want to kill them off.. come now, is that nice??

Friend: yeah.. well i don't care about whether it's nice... Apparently there is a crazy get-together today

Sneha: ok? and?

Friend: yeah.. there is one today.. thats all i know the thing with these get togethers is.. i find no incentive in going there. I just can't get the point of the whole affair

Sneha: what incentive do you want?

Friend: anything

Sneha: there is surely the food

Friend: which i would pay for? thank you, but I would like to decide the place, when i am paying for it. And by incentive i mean something that would probably make me go there

Sneha:yes I know what incentive means da…You know , you are quite the definition of misanthropic

Friend: no..

Sneha:What do you mean no?? If that’s how you are , that’s how you are and I for one am ok with it.. And btw what would be a good incentive , hot chicks types??

Friend: not necessarily..

Sneha: phir kya?

Friend: something that would suit me..

Sneha: like a supercomputer to play with?

Friend: that would be fun .. of course..but you know..there are other fun things that people can
get together and do.. apart from sex that is.. even though I can't think of anything..

Sneha: oh really like what...??

Sneha: it's a get together for crying out loud.. the point is to meet PEOPLE... but when you hate people it's kind of pointless for you isn’t it?

Friend: maybe you are right..

Sneha: what fun things can people get together and do?? play spin the bottle as though you are 16?

Friend: what fun is spinning a bottle?

Sneha: ayyoooo!!!! Krishnaaa!!! what do i do with someone like you!!!

Friend: why?see.. let me put it this way, i am not really misanthropic, really, i mean it.. just that
I hate most of the people i've met so far.
if you haven't noted it... i used ‘most’ in my previous sentence.. that means there are some people whom i don't dislike

Sneha: spin the bottle is a game where people sit in a circle and someone places a bottle in the centre and you spin it..

Friend: and?

Sneha: and which ever two people the ends point to, have to kiss

Friend: yuck..

Sneha: lollllll… why da, I always got the impression guys didn’t mind a few free kisses…

Friend: think of the possibilities

Sneha: such as? someone having to actually kiss you... I know that's tough for them

Friend: what happens if the bottle comes up with a homosexual argument.. something like 2 guys or 2 girls.. (2 girls would be fun.. though...)

Sneha: you would say that... pah!! What’s with men and lesbians??

Sneha: no, see.. from what I understand , unless they are willing... you spin again

Friend: this game would never work… no would want to make out in public

Sneha: it's not full and full making out…just a kiss

Friend: come on..

Sneha: anyway obviously that holds no appeal for you.. so let's move on

Friend: no.. i do like the idea of getting kissed..

Friend: just that I don’t think it will ever work…but the thing is who in public will be willing to do
that... this is Chennai.. with a capital C, which actually stands for conservative

Sneha: I guess you are right… I certainly would’nt kiss any old guy.. besides we aren’t teenagers with hormones coursing through us uncontrollably… A hypothetical question though.. What if you had to kiss a girl you found completely unattractive , would you still kiss her??

Friend:why would i not kiss an unattractive person….i don't lose anything. See.. if she is like a weird vampire with blood sucking teeth and all that I might think twice..

Sneha: oh my god...

Friend: what?

Sneha: the way you put that is gross...

Friend: see.. What is it that really offends you, the way I said it, or the what I said…

Sneha: oh god!!!! Never mind what offends me, you probably won’t get it.

Friend:if its a woman who is ordinary looking , not a "hottie" or even moderately unattractive.. thats ok..

Sneha: anyway.. Let’s talk about something else da.. I just don’t get the male perspective on things like this..

Friend: see.. i WILL definitely have a problem if i am interested in her enough to want her to be my gf or something

Friend: but if its just a kiss..

Sneha: hey can i put this conversation on my blog

Sneha: this is priceless

Friend: lol.. go ahead… but.. Don’t portray me as a total misanthrope. as i said. i don't like most people. but I do like certain people (you for example are quite ok)..