Monday, November 28, 2005

Little Packets Of Old Emotion

I found this shelved somewhere in the cobwebbed corners of my harddrive. It took me back a year in time. So much has changed since then. And yet as I read these two hurriedly scribbled bits, I recollect exactly how I felt when I wrote this... I have no names for these little packets of old emotion. Whoever imagined they'd stay so fresh.

Anyway, I felt like putting something up.. So here it is..

So he came for me, we had our laughs
And then, it got dark, it was time to go
So I watched, as slowly, his silhouette faded.

The bitter taste of resentment lingers.


That's where that train of thought ended... In retrospect, I can see they were my efforts at being cynical and nonchalant..


The world I used to know,
My haven...My little corner
The one you found me in...
The one you made me emerge from..


My world became you..
The centre and the focus
My escape, my comfort,
My refuge from reality

So,nightly, I climbed my faraway tree
and met you, my moonface, on top
we climbed together the ladder
to reach our enchanted world.

It was Shortlived.
You realised we did'nt belong .

But I had already plunged
Right in..Into the sea of delusion
Convinced of everything "us"

But , eventually, time’s current
Dragged me back..
Onto the shores of reality